Healing sticks is an exciting story about the finding of the cross of Jesus Christ by a wealthy American businessman. David Clayton's passion for archeology drives him to Israel on an all out search to find the cross. After finding the cross he soon discovers that the splinters of the cross have the power to heal. This creates a worldwide revival unprecedented in human history which may just be the last call from God to a hurting world. Crises arises as unbelievers and non-believing nations are brought face to face with Godís miracles that are shown throughout the world. Major politicians are healed and the general public is in a frenzy to get the sticks from the cross. Nobody can deny the healings that they have witnessed. This fictional story shows the healing power of God in the most miraculous way our generation has ever seen. Movie stars are not in demand anymore as God takes center stage while religious groups fight over the rights of the cross and non-Christian nations are thrown into chaos over the miraculous events. Will the cross with all its glory lead the world to its knees and become the final sign before the return of the Messiah? This has become the greatest influx for the church of all time because every human being is faced with the same question Jesus asked, "Who do you say that I am?" 
   The world scene is intense as David Claytonís life becomes endangered over the sticks and chaos erupts as groups become militant, coveting the sticks. Miracles occur, major politicians are being healed, along with anything and everything you can imagine are being shown daily on live news reports. The world was seeing the same healings taking place in modern times as they did when Jesus walked the earth and given the most wonderful and spectacular revival in it's history. The Church was in its finest hour indeed and God was on the minds of almost everyone. As you read you will be drawn into the plot while your minds imagination is stretched, never to regain normality. Your faith in the miraculous will soar as anticipation builds with each chapter. Godís triumph is demonstrated to all as prophetic events unfold. Distressed people respond while God redeems humanity before our very eyes.
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Stephen John French
has a passion for using God's creativity to enlighten the world concerning the love of Jesus Christ. He believes that all people have the ability to inspire mankind. While chance does favor the prepared mind, great men are just ordinary men that never stop trusting in God.
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